Meeting Mental Needs

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Given we are now aware that our dogs have the mental capacity and emotional intelligence of a 3 year old child ,it’s no wonder we experienced so much destruction in former times, our poor dogs were bored and stressed!

Here are some of our favorite ways to meet your dogs mental needs.

Training! Ideally aim for between 10-20 mins per day broken up into small sessions. Try to keep your training sessions short and fun (30 seconds for puppies and 2-3 mins for older dogs) and be sure to throw in lots of easy behaviours that they know for revision.

Puzzles: We recommend ditching your boring old bowl and getting your dog to work for their food at every meal and a few in between. You should be aiming for 5-6 puzzles per day kept on rotation.

Here are some of our favorites: KONG, LICKI MAT, SNUFFLE MAT, SNUFFLE BALL, TOPPL, RUMBL and always have some great chews such as Whimzees on hand also. 

Get creative with freezing your Kong’s, Licki Mats and Toppls with fillings from chicken to tuna in springwater or Greek yogurt and berries.

Royal Canin, Hills Science Diet and Prime 100 do great wet foods and rolls that can be used in these too.

Then mix it up with what you have at home, breakfast goes in an empty box or rolled up towel or maybe you might scatter feeding on the grass, check out this clip for how to scatter feed:

For more ideas from around the home here are just a few of ideas from our Instagram reels:


Have fun with enrichment and get creative!

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