Flea, Tick & Worm Preventions


Flea, Tick & Worm Preventions

Comprehensive range of flea, tick & worm products including NexGard Spectra, Bravecto, Simparica, Aristopet & more.

Flea, Tick & Worm Preventions There are 85 products.


  • NexGard Spectra

    NexGard Spectra is the first chewable treatment available for dogs which provides protection from fleas, ticks (including paralysis), heart worm & intestinal worms.

  • Bravecto
    BRAVECTO—Introducing the first oral chew to deliver up to 12 full weeks of flea and tick protection in a single dose for dogs.
  • Advantix
    Tick bites aren’t just irritating, they can be deadly. Whether they’re lurking in your backyard or bush on your daily walk, just one Paralysis tick bite can prove fatal. Protect them against fleas, ticks and other nasties before they bite .
  • Advantage
    What’s the easiest way to get rid of fleas before they have a chance to bite? Advantage is the fastest relief from fleas and not only kills fleas fast, it acts on multiple flea stages to rid infestations too.
  • Advocate
    Does your fluffy friend like the outdoors? If so, chances are they’re getting up close to parasites in their daily play. Give them the best protection against the broadest range of parasites with Advocate.
  • Aristopet

    Aristopet Flea & Worming Products

  • Capstar
    Eliminating fleas on your pet is easy with Capstar® (nitenpyram) because CAPSTAR provides fast flea relief for your dog or cat.
  • Credelio Plus

    Credelio Plus

  • Cazitel
    For the control of gastrointestinal worms in dogs
  • Drontal
    Now there's an easy way to protect your cat and dog from gastrointestinal worms.
  • Endogard
    Treatment and control of roundworm, hookworm, whipworm and tapeworm in dogs. Does not control heartworm.
  • Fido's


  • Frontline Plus
    FRONTLINE PLUS remains the leading treatment for year-round flea control because it contains two active ingredients: one that kills adult fleas, and another that kills flea eggs and stops larval and pupal development. This combination breaks the flea life cycle at every stage
  • Heartgard
    Heartgard Plus chewables is a monthly meaty chew used for the prevention of heartworm disease and for the control of roundworms and hookworms in dogs
  • Interceptor
    Monthly tasty chew for the prevention and control of heartworm and intestinal worms in dogs.
  • Kiltix
    Kiltix gives your dog fast acting, long term tick control.
  • Milbemax
    Milbemax. For the treatment of internal parasites including roundworm, hookworm and tapeworm, in cats.
  • NexGard
    Nexgard Chewables are the first oral treatment that offers effective flea and tick (including paralysis ticks) control for a full month. It's as simple as one chew, once a month, for complete protection against fleas and ticks. NexGard contains a new molecule developed specifically for the control of fleas and ticks on dogs called Afoxolaner. Afoxolaner is fast acting and long lasting.
  • Paragard
    For the treatment and control of Roundworms, Hookworms, Whipworms and adult Tapeworms in dogs.
  • Permoxin
    Flea & Tick Controller for Dogs & Horses
  • Pet Piller
    The new improved design makes it easy to use and gives more control when administering tablets and capsules to your cat or dog.
  • Revolution
    Revolution provides essential vet-grade protection against fleas, heartworm and other nasties.
  • Seresto

    Seresto Flea & Tick Collar For Dogs

  • Simparica

    Simparica Dog Flea & Tick Control.

  • Vetsense

    Vetsense products for dogs.

  • Virbac Milpro

    Virbac Milpro

  • ZenPet
    Keep a Tick Twister® pack in your house, your car, your backpack, tackle box and your emergency kit - anywhere you might need it. It's so small, you can even carry one in your pocket! The Tick Twister® Pro model was designed with a hole through the top of the handle, so it can be hung on a key ring or cord.
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Showing 1 - 50 of 85 items
Showing 1 - 50 of 85 items