Peed Off With Ugly Yellow Grass Burn Patches On Your Lawn?

Published : 08/20/2015 17:01:29
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Peed Off With Ugly Yellow Grass Burn Patches On Your Lawn?

As spring time approaches many of us dog owners will start to spend more time mowing our lawns and trying to make them look good. Unfortunately, being a dog owner means that our lawn may be susceptible to “grass burn” caused by our dog’s urine.

Grass burn is caused by the nitrogen which is contained in dog urine. Nitrogen being a fertiliser, is good for grass and plants in moderation, however excess nitrogen will kill grass and plants, that’s how we get those ugly yellow patches. There is something us dog owners can do however to avoid these ugly yellow patches. They are:


  1. Feed your dog a premium pet food. Giving your dog a premium food means it will utilize more of the protein in the food and pass less nitrogen in their urine.
  2. Pour water over the dog’s urine. If you see your dog urinating, immediately pour water over the effected grassy area, this will help dilute the urine and reduce the chance of grass burn.
  3. Encourage your dog to drink more water. Doing this will help decrease the chance of lawn burn.
  4. Train your dog to pee in a specific area. This will help if you do not wish to give your dog dietary supplements to avoid grass burn. A pee post available from our store will assist in this training.
  5. Use Dog Rocks. Dog Rocks filter out impurities from water such as Tin, ammonia and nitrates. These impurities are usually passed out through urine, and when grass comes in contact with these elements it results in urine burn on grass, resulting in a dead, yellow patch on your lawn.
    Dog Rocks give your four legged friend a cleaner source of water, while eliminating urine burn on grass this will result in the stop of those nasty burnt yellow patches on your lawn.
    Without the impurities in the water, Dog Rocks actually help your dog fertilize your lawn! This is great for you, your dog & your lawn!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get out there, cut some grass, throw some Frisbees and have some fun with our four legged friends!

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