Advantage Seresto Collar Large Dog



  • Up to 8 months flea treatment and prevention
  • 4 months tick control
  • Dogs over 8kg 
  • Odourless
  • 1 x 70cm collar

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Advantage Seresto kills larval flea stages and brown dog tick, controls paralysis tick and bush tick, reduces the transmission of Babesia Vogeli and Anaplasma platys between dogs by the brown dog tick and treats lice.


By (Sydney, Australia) on07 Aug. 2017 (Advantage Seresto Collar Large Dog) :

excellent & innovative product

the Seresto collar is a great product and long lasting.
I landed up buying a couple of these collars for my dogs after being involved in some research on dog tick prevention. Amazingly convenient and long lasting for ticks 4 months & fleas 8 months.
The only downside is that when my dogs go to the doggy hotel they are not allowed to wear these as they are deemed a chewing hazard, so I still have to bump them up on other products every so often.

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