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Vetafarm Hutch Clean Spray
  • Vetafarm Hutch Clean Spray

Vetafarm Hutch Clean Spray

Kills bacteria, fungi and viruses on contact
Lemon scented, gentle on small animals
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Size: 500ml
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Hutch clean performs to the “Hospital B” standards of disinfection. Regular use will maintain a high level of hygiene in the animal environment, providing antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial protection. Hutch clean can be used for disinfection of food and water containers, toys, cages, grooming equipment and bedding. 
The fresh lemon scent also helps to combat unwanted pet odours in the home.

Recommended for: Use as a safe and effective disinfectant cleanser for all situations that require a high level of hygiene, such as hutches, hospital cages and for disinfection of equipment.

Key features: Hospital B Grade disinfectant. Instantly kills bacteria, viruses and fungi on contact. Is effective in up to 20% organic matter – perfect for disinfection in dirty situations.


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