Anitone Liquid Feed Supplement
  • Anitone Liquid Feed Supplement
  • Anitone Liquid Feed Supplement
  • Anitone Liquid Feed Supplement
  • Anitone Liquid Feed Supplement
  • Anitone Liquid Feed Supplement
  • Anitone Liquid Feed Supplement

Anitone Liquid Feed Supplement

Anitone Feed Supplement for animal vitality.

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Anitone is a unique formulation containing a range of fermented ingredients including brewers grain, molasses, kelp and complex carbons that work together to produce multiple benefits and overall vitality in various animals such as horses, dogs, cats & birds. Anitone can be used daily to enhance gut function, improve digestion and stimulates appetite.

Containing over 60 essential vitamins and minerals, it can be used as a general wellness tonic to produce optimal coat or feather condition in your pets. Anitone can help reduce stress when transporting, showing, handling and reproduction through delivering nutrients and minerals through these high stress periods. Both water soluble and highly palatable it can be administered straight over the tongue, poured over their feed or added to drinking water.



Horses are the superior livestock, more frequently classed as companion animals as they’re expected to live long and productive lives. Longevity is always underscored by good nutrition, and access to plenty of minerals – one way to ensure this is to include Anitone in the daily diet, as the mineral content of commonly fed forages is highly variable and rarely adequate.

Vitamins & Minerals For Horses

Since most horse properties run high stocking rates, their soils are compacted and depleted. Hence, they cannot rely on pastures alone to provide the total ration. The nutrient quality and mineral content of purchased forages also depends on the variations of soil, climate and season. Therefore, it’s almost impossible under these conditions to ensure that a horse’s diet is perfectly balanced.

Anitone helps to bridge the gap between processed feeds and perfect pastures. It’s the ideal supplement for horses under the stress of training, performance, pregnancy, lactation and growth.

Administering The Anitone Supplement To Horses

It can be added to their daily feed. The supplement is readily consumed by even the fussiest eaters.

Anitone may help to counteract the symptoms of gastric ulcers, such as poor appetite and coat condition. An oral bolus will help keep your horses bright and performing throughout long weekend competitions, when frequently a championship effort is required on the last day.


Horses over 300kg

60 mls daily

Dose can be doubled at times of stress/ recovery

Horses/Ponies below 300kg

30mls daily

Dose can be doubled at times of stress/recovery

Pre-Performance Booster

80mls night before NIL WITH HOLDING

Stress Recovery Dose

80mls daily

Up to twice daily at times of extreme stress/recovery



On the productive beef enterprise, every cow must raise a calf a year, and she must reach an ideal weight to start her reproductive life at the right age. Then, she must continue this reproductive life as long as possible. Repeated pregnancy and lactations take their toll on the mother and she can become depleted very easily.

It can be difficult to supplement cattle on dams out on pasture with an oral liquid supplement such as Anitone. Therefore, good pasture management, plus the use of high quality free choice licks when necessary is most practical in these conditions. However, wherever it’s possible to water cattle via troughs, it’s possible to use Anitone in the watering systems. At low and regular doses, cattle will gain the benefit of the humates and array of 60 trace minerals, which would be rarely contained in pasture. Many producers running cattle in dry climates choose to add Anitone to the watering troughs during the hot summer months.

Anitone can also be added to any mixed rations, or poured over hay, and will be readily consumed. Cattle just love the smell of it and will seek it out readily.

Anitone can be very useful in the feedlot, as it may work alongside the formulated ration to assist to counteract acidosis when the cattle first come in, and also to assist to calm them mentally to accept their new environment.


Cattle over 300kg

60mls daily, or as often as possible

Give daily if stressed or sick

Cattle/Calves under 300kg

30mls daily, or as often as possible

Give daily if stressed or sick

In Water


Can be added to water troughs

In TMR (Total Mixed Rations)

Use at a ratio of 2%

Either poured over feed or mixed in auger



“It’s in the feeding, not the breeding” is an old farmer’s rule of thumb. Sheep grazing on pasture are at particularly high risk of essential mineral and trace element deficiencies. Not to mention deficiencies of protein and energy!

There are huge variations in pastures (even on the same farm), due to soil types, season and climate, and management.

Vitamins & Minerals For Sheep

During long dry Australian summers, feed on offer can be in very short supply. Supplementary feeding is necessary to keep sheep alive. Serious deficiencies of minerals and vitamins can occur, but will frequently result in infertility, lamb deaths and poor weight gains. All of these impact overall farm productivity.

Administering Anitone Supplement To Sheep

Anitone has evolved into a helpful tool for the sheep farmer. In these operations it becomes the true multi tasker.

Firstly, Anitone is well suited for coating grain for trail feeding or lick feeders. It is highly relished by the sheep and will encourage shy feeders.

Anitone can also be given in water troughs in suitable situations. Many farmers run it into their paddock troughs from their windmill tanks once or twice a week during long hot summers.

Anitone is a source of valuable minerals needed by sheep running on stubbles over summer. It is a useful stress buffer to give weaners and during shearing, mulesing, or crutching when it can easily be tipped in to the troughs in the sheep yards whilst holding the flock.



5mls daily, or as often as possible

Dose can be doubled during times of stress/ recovery.

Adult Sheep

10mls daily, or as often as possible

Dose can be doubled during times of stress/ recovery.

Add to water


Can be added to water troughs


Dogs & Cats:

Pets are essentially captive animals, confined by the boundaries of pen, house or yard. They are unable to obtain the wild food that their ancestral blueprint would have consumed or hunted.

The wild hunting carnivores ate the full carcass of their kill, and this included its gut contents. This includes partially digested, fermented plant material. Such a diet is almost impossible to reproduce in the urbanized pet living in the modern world. However, there are a large range of scientifically balanced processed foods available that provide a very high level of nutrition.

However, these foods by nature are highly processed, and pass through the digestive system very quickly. Hence, they’re tagged as being “highly digestible”. While they may contain all the minerals listed on their packaging, it’s unknown whether all pets can absorb and assimilate all of these minerals and vitamins effectively.

Anitone has proven to be a useful addition to the diet of any pets with skin problems, or chronic degenerative disease, or those that are elderly. It can be easily poured over their biscuits, canned food, or raw meat diets either daily or a few times a week. Treats or food morsels can be dipped in Anitone (as you would use a dipping sauce on the human table) and then fed. Some fussy animals take a little while to get used to Anitone’s pungent, fermented smell, but it is highly palatable and they will start to take it when a little hungry, before continuing to accept it readily.

Anitone is especially useful for breeders who are supporting breeding females and young. It imparts great vitality and helps maintain plentiful milk production which results in healthy, vigorous litters.

Anitone is also useful for any hand rearing of animals, as it can be added to milk and to rations with ease.

Anitone is such a versatile product that is appreciated by all who keep animals, whether they are large or small.



0.5 ml/5kg body weight

Dose daily for optimal results

DHA6520 AN001
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