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Anitone Liquid Feed Supplement

Anitone Feed Supplement for animal vitality.

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Anitone is a unique formulation containing a range of fermented ingredients including brewers grain, molasses, kelp and complex carbons that work together to produce multiple benefits and overall vitality in various animals such as horses, dogs, cats & birds. Anitone can be used daily to enhance gut function, improve digestion and stimulates appetite.

Containing over 60 essential vitamins and minerals, it can be used as a general wellness tonic to produce optimal coat or feather condition in your pets. Anitone can help reduce stress when transporting, showing, handling and reproduction through delivering nutrients and minerals through these high stress periods. Both water soluble and highly palatable it can be administered straight over the tongue, poured over their feed or added to drinking water.

DHA6520 AN001
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