Wagging Woofers Welcome: Why Kirrawee's DIY Dog Wash is Pawsome!

Does your pup dream of spa days but your bathroom dreads the suds? Ditch the doggy downpour drama and unleash tail-wagging joy at Kirrawee's DIY Dog Wash! Here's why your furry friend (and your floor) will love us:

Convenience and Cost-Effective Pampering:

  • Skip the appointment shuffle: No more juggling calendars! Wash your woofer anytime during our flexible hours.
  • All-inclusive bath bliss: Warm water, shampoo, rinse, conditioner, a powerful dryer, and even disinfectant are ready for action. No packing needed!
  • Budget-friendly baths: Pay-by-the-minute means squeaky-clean savings. 11 minutes start at just $11, with shorter top-ups at $4 - perfect for regular spruces.

Personalised Pup Paradise:

  • Shower your pup with love: Control the water pressure, suds, and cuddles for a bath tailored to your furry friend's comfort.
  • Bring your own bubbles (optional): Use your pup's favorite shampoo and conditioner for a familiar, gentle spa experience.
  • Bonding beyond belief: Bath time becomes cuddle time! Strengthen your pup-parent connection with a hands-on pampering session.

Sparkling Cleanliness, Stress-Free Serenity:

  • Wave goodbye to fur-nado cleanup: Leave the soggy towels and muddy paw prints behind! We handle the post-bath tidy-up.
  • Ready for every ruffian: No need to bring a thing! We've got shampoo, conditioner, and even powerful dryers for a complete doggy makeover.
  • Hygiene happiness: Rest assured, your pup will be sparkling clean thanks to our meticulously maintained and sanitized washing station.

Frequently Asked Woofs:

  • Location: We're nestled inside Warehouse 27, 3-11 Flora St, Kirrawee.
  • Bookings? Nah! Just walk in and wash away the ruff times (except 15 minutes before closing for a quick tidy-up).
  • Busy times? Weekdays are usually pawsome for walk-ins. Weekends, especially sunny ones, can get pup-ular, so arriving early is pawsome advice.
  • Unfriendly Fido? No worries! Let our staff know, and we'll ensure a safe, stress-free bath time for your shy pup.
  • Sensitive skin? We use gentle Fido's Everyday Shampoo and Conditioner, but feel free to bring your own sudsy secrets.
  • Payment options: We accept cash and card. Cards are pawsome for multi-pup pampering!
  • Towel troubles? We've got you! Bring a towel to speed up drying time and keep your car fur-free.

Got more questions? Wag your tail our way at 02 8091 4738!