Aussie Lint Roller Large Pet Hair Fur Remover
  • Aussie Lint Roller Large Pet Hair Fur Remover

Aussie Lint Roller Large Pet Hair Fur Remover

Professional TRIPLE STRENGTH adhesive.



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Professional TRIPLE STRENGTH adhesive.


Lint roller
 Adhesive tape roll
 Bonus 20 layer mini lint roller
 Refill with Item C-071 Aussie Lint Refill *medium

Compare with supermarket
 Extremely sticky
 Triple adhesive strength
 Triple layer quantity
 Hygienic storage case
 Not sold in supermarkets

Recommended by vets & animal lovers to remove pet hair, allergens & micro debris as seen on 7’s Harry’s Practice,TVSN, and Danoz Direct.

Our superior adhesion provides maximum grabbing power to lift the most stubborn tough-to-remove lint and pet hair where other products simply fail.
Never leave your home covered in pet hair and lint again, this amazing household helper does it all!  Whether you’re cleaning your home, office, car, pool table, or your favourite clothing, it’s a snap with the AUSSIE LINT ROLLER. It’s perfect for removing, pet hair, cat litter, lint, fluff, dust, loose threads, crumbs, sand and glass fragment from just about anywhere. It even cleans difficult surfaces such as lampshades, vertical blinds and fly screens.

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