Paringa Baked Dinner Chicken 1kg
  • Paringa Baked Dinner Chicken 1kg

Paringa Baked Dinner Chicken 1kg

Excellent for all dogs – even the fussiest. 1kg pack. A wonderful source of fat free nutrients, a superb low allergenic meat and also helpful for skin irritations.


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Paringa Baked Dinner with Chicken and Veg is a longstanding favourite with dogs! We combine top quality Australian meats with a range of vegetables and rice for optimal nutrition. Oven baked to perfection, this doggy dinner is cooked in the package at low temperature. This helps retain nutrients ad the goodness in the proteins. Easy on the digestive system of your dog and a wonderful source of nutrients. Our 1kg pack now comes in a convenient 2x500g twin pack. You can use one pouch now and keep the other sealed for freshness for later.

Ingredients: Prime minced meats (chicken, beef and/or kangaroo), vegetables (including carrot, pumpkin, turnip, broccoli, cauliflower, potato), rice, vegetable starch, seaweed extract, preservative (223).

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