PAW Osteosupport Joint Care Powder For Dogs
  • PAW Osteosupport Joint Care Powder For Dogs

PAW Osteosupport Joint Care Powder For Dogs

A highly concentrated green lipped mussel powder that is clinically proven to provide fast, effective relief from arthritic symptoms in a measured capsule dose. Advanced care for arthritic pets.

Size: 150 tabs

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Natural green lipped mussel powder (Perna128) manufactured using lower temperatures for a highly concentrated product;

  • With high levels of Omega 3 (EPA, DHA & ETA) for fast, effective joint pain relief for dogs.
  • Includes a natural source of glycosaminoglycans (Chondroitin 6 Sulfate) that are key nutrients required for cartilage production to aid joint care.
  • Measured capsule dose that’s easy to give to your pet.
  • Low cost daily dose starting from only 50 cents for small dogs.

    • 500mg Perna128® green lipped mussel powder, encapsulated in a two piece gelatin capsule.
    • Dose - Dogs up to 25kg 1 capsule daily.
    • Dogs over 25kg 2 capsules daily.
    • PAW Osteosupport Joint Care For Dogs is available in two sizes: 80 capsules and 150 capsules.
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