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ZiwiPeak’s ‘Daily-Dog’ Moist Lamb Cuisine is a raw equivalent, premium moist dog food made from real ‘MEAT’. 

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New Zealand and lamb. It’s a world-beating combination! We’re renowned for the finest lamb meat in the world and is a pure source of high quality protein and fats. Combined with essential organs such as liver, tripe, heart and kidney, it is a dog’s perfect daily diet. Available 13oz (370g) can.

Lamb meat is slightly higher in essential fats than some other meats. So ZiwiPeak moist Lamb is well suited for:

  • Dogs that are underweight and need to add bulk and condition.
  • Growing puppies needing extra energy.
  • Dogs recovering from injury or sickness.
  • Dogs that have allergy issues from grains and carbohydrates.
  • Dogs that have suffered from digestion issues.
  • Dogs that suffer from Renal issues such as; chronic renal failure, urinary crystals, kidney failure, pancreatitis, IBS & IBD.



By (Dulwich Hill, Australia) on15 June 2020 (ZiwiPeak Daily Dog Lamb Cans ) :

Fantastic food

My dogs love Ziwi Peak and I love feeding them a really good quality food as part of their diet from a trusted brand. Very happy dogs!

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